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Breast Imaging
Breast Imaging
ComfortScan – a low cost, non-invasive optical mammographic technique to obtain physiological information on angiogenesis in breast tissue
Pectograph – obtain digital images of mammography film in an instant

The AmbiVU Mammography Screening workstation is designed for fast Mammography screening combined with ultra-fast workflow.
CyclopusCAD Mammo
CyclopusCAD Mammo
CyclopusCAD Mammo - powerful IT solution for the detection of breast cancer
Designed & built to Swedish standards of ergonomics and craftsmanship
TruePix 5MP
TruePix 5MP
TruePix 5MP
Medi 3200
Medi 3200
Mammography film digitiser

Breast Imaging & CAD

Danum International
  Danum International

Danum International offers a unique suite of products in the field of Breast Imaging.  Our aim is to provide creative alternatives to conventional mammography as well as complementary technologies in the digital arena.

As we understand the requirements of radiologists and oncologists, we seek to provide complete solutions for image production with innovative modalities as well as maximum viewing functionality within ergonomic environmental conditions to enhance the experience and increase the diagnostic effectiveness of the professional.

ComfortScan® Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging
A solution to the problem of breast imaging for younger women.
0 ionising radiation / 0 pain – during the quick and easy examination
Discover pathologies that conventional mammography fails to identify
Pectograph Mammo film to digital conversion
unique device converts conventional mammo films into digital images so fast that it can be incorporated into the department’s regular work-flow.  All the benefits of digital mammo for less than half of the cost.
CyclopusCAD Computer Assisted Detection in mammography
The “second reader” assists the radiologist in the early detection of breast cancer
Unique features include fine tune adjustment of decisional threshold and “contouring”
ComforTable Ergonomic PACS workstation furniture
enhanced comfort, visual optimisation and utility in mammography softcopy reading
automatic control of ambient and background illumination
ensures constant conditions as stipulated by DICOM Part 14
TruePIX 5MP High resolution grey-scale monitors
Medi-3200 Mammography film digitisers

Whatever your breast imaging needs, we are working on the problem with you and believe that we can provide solutions that you did not know were possible but might be just what you were hoping for.

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