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CyclopusCAD Mammo
CyclopusCAD Mammo
CyclopusCAD Mammo - powerful IT solution for the detection of breast cancer
CyclopusCAD Mammo
CyclopusCAD Mammo
CyclopusCAD Mammo - especially effective in detecting significant pathology in its earliest stages

CyclopusCAD Mammo - Computer-Assisted Detection

CyclopusCAD – The Company

CyclopusCAD srl was founded in 2007 after a 10-year research project in the University of Palermo.  Today the company employs a highly qualified and research focused staff of physicians, medical physicists and engineers whose sole aim is the development of customer-specific, technological software solutions in the field of medical imaging. 

The core business of CyclopusCAD is the production of proprietary Computer Aided Detection (CAD) systems consisting of advanced algorithms to detect lesions in biomedical images.   

The research and development of CyclopusCAD was carried out on a proprietary database of medical images with performance tested comparatively against the Digital Database for Screening Mammography (DDSM) from South Florida University. 

The first product, CyclopusCAD® Mammo, was launched at the beginning of 2009, on completion of the CE procedure.

CyclopusCAD srl is interested to enter discussions with OEM’s, PACS companies and diagnostic imaging software developers.


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CyclopusCAD – Partnership with Danum International Ltd

In December 2010 CyclopusCAD reached agreement with Danum International to market the new CyclopusCAD® Mammo product to independent PACS systems integrators in Europe, Middle East & Africa.  DIL offers CyclopusCAD® Mammo as a ready-to-use package integrated with Hipax and Alma Mammo viewers.  End-users interested in the product are medical imaging departments in hospitals, breast imaging centres and private medical practices.

CyclopusCAD Mammo – The Product

CyclopusCAD® Mammo is an advanced Class IIA Medical Device (93/42/EEC).  Integrated within the mammography workflow CyclopusCAD® Mammo provides a powerful IT solution for the detection of breast cancer and is especially effective in detecting significant pathology in its earliest stages.

The primary purpose of CyclopusCAD® Mammo is to serve as a “second reader” to assist the radiologist in viewing mammography images.  Using the technology has the important secondary benefit of reducing problems associated with fatigue arising from long and repetitive routine work.  Improved well-being in the physician, in turn, impacts positively on diagnostic outcomes and even the costs of healthcare provision.
CyclopusCAD® Mammo uses artificial intelligence algorithms developed for the identification of potential lesions on mammographic images. The CAD result (standard DICOM SR) is superimposed visually on the original image in the mammo viewer (Hipax or Alma Mammo) through various symbols and by extent delimitation (contouring) depending on the lesion typology, namely mass lesion or microcalcification.  Early cancers are identified using a patented pattern recognition method in conjunction with sophisticated computer vision technology to analyse the images. 

CAD performance is usually expressed in terms of sensitivity and specificity.  In the great majority of CAD software products these parameters are dependent on decisional threshold values that are set as a default constant by the application developer.  By contrast CyclopusCAD® Mammo enables the radiologist to make fine adjustments of the decisional threshold (Fine Tuning Threshold) according to his/her own preferences.

CyclopusCAD Mammo

Unique Features of CyclopusCAD® Mammo

  • the CAD decisional threshold can be fine-tuned in line with radiologist’s preferences and requirements
  • radiologist can choose the optimum work point by tuning the threshold
  • the CAD also outputs the contours of the regions of interest which can be subsequently displayed for a
         more accurate reading


CyclopusCAD® Mammo can be installed on review stations or on a dedicated hardware

CyclopusCAD Mammo

Input (DICOM Image) / Output (DICOM SR)

CyclopusCAD® Mammo can receive the mammographic images from various input sources and produce a DICOM SR file which can be subsequently sent to the PACS and/or stored locally

CyclopusCAD Mammo

CyclopusCAD® Mammo    - Technical Data

Input - MG DICOM "for presentation" – for use by doctors with Hipax or Alma Mammo
  - MG DICOM "for processing" – for use by OEM’s in development

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