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DAS-100 DICOM Archive Server


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DICOM Archive-Server features and functions include:

  • Image reception from up to 20 DICOM modalities
  • Serves up to 100 clients (either DICOM Viewers or simple web browsers)
  • DICOM Query-Retrieve – enables capable clients to QR images on server
  • DICOM Modality Worklist – distributes work-lists to capable modalities, provides a platform for customer-specific interfaces to non-standard RIS systems
  • Off-line Media Writer – Writes off-line media such as CD, DVD, MOD, MO etc for off-line storage (for back-up and for medico-legal reasons).
  • Auto-Routing – forwards images to pre-defined addresses in the network
  • Auto-Fetching & Auto-Loading - fetches older images of the current patient automatically from archive and loads them to local PC of the referring physician immediately on demand
  • Loss-less Image Compression – 1½× to 2× depending on nature of original image, increases storage capacity and helps reduce costs

Other features and functions incorporated as standard and which can be used optionally include:

  • Scheduler – enables interactive request management. 
    Should an RIS system not be available in an installation, this tool can run Appointments Management for the modalities in the radiology department.
  • Telemedicine – receives images from external DICOM work-stations.  Received images can be saved separately in different user groups.   Gives external users controlled access to patient and image data.   Data can be compressed before transmission
  • Web Server – runs on the intranet and can be used for in-house image distribution and as a platform for customer-specific implementations (re-namer, tailor-made send modules, etc.)
  • Anonymizer Tool – removes patient names and other ID data from images so that they can be made available on the internet without legal problems.
Paper Print Server – runs as a DICOM Print SCP to convert DICOM Print input to standard printers (such as laser printers, ink jets etc.) and allows for routing of DICOM print jobs (so the DICOM Interface on a Laser Imager can be utilized from a variety of modalities with one DICOM Print interface on the imager’s side.  The platform included in the package can be regarded as a basis for customer-specific developments as well.

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