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Computed Radiography
Carestream Kodak PoC Systems
Digital Radiography
Digital Radiography
Danum International is pleased to offer a new, affordable DR retrofit system
X-ray film digitisers for a wide range of applications
Designed & built to Swedish standards of ergonomics and craftsmanship
High Resolution Displays
TruePix 5MP
TruePIX High Res Monochrome Diagnostic Displays
Viewing Software
Viewing Software
Danum International Ltd offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic display software for use in PACS
CyclopusCAD Mammo
CyclopusCAD Mammo
CyclopusCAD Mammo - powerful IT solution for the detection of breast cancer
DICOM Connectivity
TIMS DICOM connectivity solutions

Digital Medical Imaging

Danum International offers a unique portfolio of products in the field of digital medical imaging. 

Our aim is to provide professionals with the devices, tools, means and services required to operate efficiently in the completely digital environment or to convert seamlessly, painlessly and affordably from analogue to digital operation.

As we understand the requirements of radiologists, we seek to provide complete solutions for image production with innovative modalities as well as maximum viewing functionality and ergonomic convenience in suitable environmental conditions to enhance the experience and increase the diagnostic effectiveness of the end-user.

CR Computed Radiography
a seamless and affordable way to convert from conventional X-ray to digital medical imaging
DR Direct Digital Radiography
improve efficiency, streamline workflow and increase productivity
Film Digitisers X-ray Film Scanners
import X-ray films into PACS or produce a digital file for medico-legal reasons
Furniture Ergonomic Workstation Furniture
enhanced comfort, visual optimisation and practical utility in reading room
ambient illumination control ensures constant DICOM Part 14 conditions
Diagnostic Displays High-Resolution Medical Monitors
1.3MP, 2MP, 3MP, 5MP greyscale and 2MP and 3MP colour diagnostic displays
Surgical Displays Colour monitors for surgery and endoscopy
Viewing Software Diagnostic Image Visualisation Software
a comprehensive range of 7 powerful visualisation applications
from a standard 2D viewer through Ortho Planning and Nuclear Medicine to Virtual Colonoscopy
CAD Computer Assisted Detection in Mammography
The virtual “second reader” assists the radiologist in the early detection of breast cancer
DICOM Connectivity DICOM Connectivity Devices and Solutions
incorporate older or non-DICOM modalities into the PACS environment
We have solutions for many scenarios within our TIMS range of DICOM connectivity products

Whatever your digital medical imaging needs, we are working on the issues with you and believe we can provide high quality solutions on time, on budget and on message.

For further information regarding Digital Medical Imaging, please call 01302 371500 or email information@danum.com.

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