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Danum International offers a wide range of X-ray film digitisers for almost any application, from general radiography to mammography, and for every purpose, most commonly to integrate X-ray film images into PACS and for medico-legal procedures (copies etc).

We gladly offer our clients free advice regarding the most suitable equipment for specific tasks and can undertake procurement services and develop solutions where required.

Array 2905 Laser Film Digitiser

Array's 2905 Laser Film Digitiser is the equipment of choice for users who demand the highest diagnostic image quality for secondary capture of images from any modality including mammography.

Microtek Digitisers

Microtek’s range of specially designed medical scanners provide high quality solutions for particular x-ray film digitising needs, whether it be dental, mammography or general x-ray.

Dimex PectoGraph

Pectograph is a revolutionary new x-ray film digitising system that provides almost instantaneous digital images.  Specifically designed for the digitisation of mammography films.

VIDAR DiagnosticPRO Advantage

VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO Advantage film digitizer has achieved the highest reliability, image quality, consistency, and best overall productivity of any digitizer on the market.

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