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Breast Imaging
Breast Imaging
Breast Imaging
Digital Medical Imaging
Digital Medical Imaging
Digital Medical Imaging
Danum International offers two distinct Picture Archiving and Communication Systems solutions

International Trade

Danum International Ltd is a main importer and master distributor of medical imaging devices and PACS software and hardware products, systems and solutions to end-users in UK (NHS and private groups) and dealers in the rest of the world.

Year-after-year more than 80% of Danum International's revenues derive from sales activities in territories outside its domestic market.  With dealers in some 30 countries, the company’s reach stretches from Finland to South Africa and Iceland to the Seychelles. Danum is International!

Danum International's sales activity has been based on maintaining frequent contact with customers over the telephone, via e-mail and, of course, with personal visits, especially to/through territorial trade shows.  These activities have been complemented by a number of annual meetings, usually in autumn, when selected suppliers come to present their new products for the next year and dealers are invited to spend a week-end attending the presentations.  The most recent meeting took place in Milano, Italy, in October and was a special event to celebrate 20 years of trading.  Another major customer reunion is ECR in March in Vienna at which Danum International Limited usually takes a booth.  Many associates also meet up at RSNA in Chicago.

All sales operations are supported by installation services, training and technical assistance.

We know we shall continue to survive and prosper only if we are competitive in innovation, specification, service and price.  On these fundamentals Danum International Limited has established strong relationships with over 100 companies and presently we operate more than 50 active accounts in some 30 countries.  We are keen to build on this substantial customer-base and invite potential international dealers to explore this web-site for interesting products then contact us to discuss opportunities.

20 years International Trade representing some 15 manufacturers with Dealers in some 30 territories.

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