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"σ" Sigma PACS
"σ" Sigma PACS
Sigma PACS "Scalable web based PACS solution"
DIV DAS "Scalable client-server based PACS solution"

PACS - Picture Archiving & Communication Systems

Danum International offers two distinct Picture Archiving and Communication Systems solutions

While different in concept and architecture both PACS embrace the design principles of flexibility, adaptability, versatility, scalability and economy to ensure that they meet the user’s individual needs.

"σ" Sigma PACS

Exploiting the limitless power and ubiquitous presence of the internet, Sigma PACS is a web-based PACS solution designed to deliver utility directly to the user’s desk.

Sigma is composed of a number of scalable modules for use in any institution from the smallest clinic to the largest hospital.

The set of software modules allow the maximum flexibility in line with on-site needs.

σ DicomStore is the core module for media, local viewer, automatic archive, composer reporting tool, web-server and workflow-manager (MPPS+MWL server) modules.


Based on the proven and robust client-server model, the heart of the DIV-DAS PACS is the varioSTORAGE archive server. Includes worklist server, off-line media writer and web-server for image distribution in-house.

Further Information

To complete the PACS solution Danum International offers an outstanding range of viewing software applications for the major disciplines including: 2D viewer, 3D viewer, orthopaedic prosthesis planning, mammography, nuclear medicine, dental and virtual colonoscopy. All viewers have been designed to integrate seamlessly via DICOM with client-server (DAS) or web-server (Sigma) PACS.

Danum International can offer software-only or complete software-hardware systems including installation to match the customer requirements. Consultancy and technical advice regarding specification come as standard.

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