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Film to digital mammo in a second


Digital Mammography in an Instant

Despite the obvious and proven benefits of digital technology, for reasons of high cost and insufficient quality, the one field of medical imaging which has lagged behind all others is mammography. Now for the first time we are able to offer a specialised scanning device that converts mammography films in one second into digital files of the resolution and optical density necessary for primary diagnosis in the digital environment - and at an affordable price


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Instant Image Acquisition

The speed of acquisition of the digital images is so fast - virtually instantaneous - that the PectoGraph can be incorporated into the regular output / workflow of the imaging department.

The device is designed to work in tandem directly with the analogue mammography modality.
At high speed and high resolution images are digitised and captured from mammography film

The digital image files are converted to DICOM and outputted into PACS, to an individual mammography workstation or stored in a digital archive. With the PectoGraph the user can effectively convert the conventional mammography system into a digital DICOM modality.

PectoGraph Features

Pectograph Features

PectoGraph is supplied with MicroPrint software (see schematic above), including:
Scan + DICOM Send + DICOM Modality Worklist + DICOM Store / DICOM Print is optional.

  • Easy Operation
  • High Productivity
  • Efficient Work-Flow
  • DICOM PACS Compatibility
  • Maintenance Free Solid State Device
  • Dual Mode Functions- Film and Paper (b/w output)
  • Extends Use of Existing Conventional X-ray Equipment

Technical Specification

  • 18 x 24 and/or 24 x 30 film sizes
  • 12-bit acquisition (4096 grey-scales)
  • 70µ spot-size = 7.14 lp/mm - true optical resolution
  • Optical Density 4.0
  • Image acquisition in JPEG2000 / DICOM 3 output
  • Interface USB 2. OS Windows XP Pro
  • Weight 18kg / Power 50W 230V-50Hz
  • Diagnostic quality validated by KCARE London Images ACR compliant Worldwide Patent

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