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"σ" Sigma PACS
"σ" Sigma PACS
"σ" Sigma PACS

Soaviem "σ" Sigma PACS

Soaviem design and develop DICOM solutions for entities of any size from a small private practice to the regional general hospital according to the IHE and HIPAA specifications.

The aim is to maximise the benefits of DICOM through fast, powerful, user-driven functionality and optimise the efficiencies of workflow throughout the whole DICOM environment in conjunction with the internet.

Modular integration between different applications permits the production of images and reports without film or paper to improve quality of service, reduce operating costs and benefit the environment.

Existing management applications integrate via DICOM and/or HL7 Sigma modules to enable communication between the DICOM modalities and Sigma PACS.


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Main features of SigmaDICOM

    * Faster access and more secure handling of all prior examinations
    * Manage and manipulate digital images with specific algorithms to improve the quality and diagnostic
    * Increase efficiency and productivity
    * Send or receive images for teleradiology consultation by external specialists
    * Deliver radiological images to the patient on plain paper and/or on CD/DVD with the digital information
      generated from the DICOM equipment
    * The Digital archive generates massive space saving for the re-designation of space or storage of       radiographic films

Sigma DICOM includes three main components

Store:  Core module used as plug-in and PACS archive manager

Paper: Prints DICOM images to various media in different standards paper, film, transparency on common printers in DICOM standard, Windows Print or Postscript

Send:  Rapid Scanning and Transfer of DICOM Images;  scan archives or CD/DVD’s that contain DICOM files

Sigma PACS Modules include:
σDicomStore - PACS archive manager and central repository for DICOM images and data
Media/Aarch - produce Patient CD/DVD with mini-Sigma viewer for DICOM image reports + archiving
WebServer - Quick and Automatic Image Access for DICOM images anywhere and anytime via Internet
WorkFlowManager - DICOM Worklist and PPS Server exchanges data between modalities, PACS and HIS/RIS
  systems to standardise data and processes
Composer   - optimises print times, quality and reduces cost in ultrasound
  choose images from archive, modify parameters, manipulate, format
A1 Autoroute - automatic routing to local or remote DICOM nodes
σDicomPaper - prints DICOM images to various media in different standards paper, film, transparency on
  common printers in DICOM standard, Windows Print or Postscript
σDicomSend - Rapid Scanning and Transfer of DICOM Images
  scan archives or CD/DVD’s that contain DICOM files


From Micro- to Enterprise PACS

σDicomStore, based on Windows technology, is the archive manager and central repository for DICOM images and data.

Completely modular and scalable
- to meet the needs of small, medium and large institutions.

Relational high-performance (ACID) database for archive management
- multiple volumes up to many TB in "all on-line mode".

High Security for a "mission critical environment”
- faster storage/retrieve via multi-thread DICOM connections on disk without compression;

Timely download of images

Quick disaster recovery
- just a few hours when used in mirrored local or remote mode.

Multiple Windows Serve Management available
- maximum flexibility in response to the on-site needs.

σDicomStore is also the core module
- for media, webserver and workflowmanager (MPPS+MWL server)

All versions can manage an unlimited  number of DICOM modalities and workstations

Soaviem PACS

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Patient & Archive CD/DVD

Plug-in for the production of Patient CD/DVD and for archive containing DICOM images and  reports

Features: MediaL Media MediaXP
Automatic CD / DVD production at end of study reception N Y Y
Archive function after operator selection N Y Y
Numbers of managed disk producers at same time also from different vendors 1 1 2
Automatic switch to DVD if patient study dimensions are bigger than a CD N N Y
Can produce CD and DVD at same time if a dual input bin robot is available N N Y
Management of dual drive producers (make 2 media at same time) Y Y Y
Database of all produced media Y Y Y
Automatic split to multiple CD / DVD if a study is larger than media Y Y Y

All versions include, on each media, a DICOM viewer (σViewer) with:
- selectable display mode
- automatic display of reference lines.

The images on the media are visible on any Windows or Linux PC (or Mac, via “Wine”)
- Data recorded conform to Part 10 of the DICOM Protocol
- Stored on CD/DVD without compression.

The application manages a variety of CD/DVD robots:
- Primera (including SE model), Rimage, XLNT Idea and Epson.

The Aarch module enables the same robot or another one to automatically back-up all the archive during the night or at times of low system usage.

Soaviem PACS

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Web Server

Quick and Automatic Image Access - Everywhere and Anytime

Web Access DICOM Object dual access system

Browser access used to: Desktop viewer access used to:
- configure accounts and groups - program study download at specified time
- add study note - add study note
- download DICOM zip files - fast view of images and structured report
- download desktop viewer - manage local archive up to 500 studies

Programmable Automatic Multi-Auto Pull Down System avoids waiting times even when you are connected remotely with a slow broadband internet connection.

The viewer includes an XML server to easily interface with any RIS/HIS.

Through group management it is possible to limit access to only studies of interest for example referring physicians will see only their patients

Soaviem PACS

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Workflow Manager

DICOM Worklist & PPS Server

Soaviem PACS

WKFMGR is used to exchange data between modalities, PACS and HIS/RIS systems in order to standardize data and processes. Diagnostic modalities can receive a list of exams and/or communicate the state of execution (PPS/SPS) or change the data through the IHE profile P.I.R.

Communication with the information system is done via XML or HL7 messages over TCP/IP or via ASCII files. The module includes a client XML to generate XML messages to make integration with any application simple.

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Optimised Print Times, High Quality and Reduced Cost in Ultrasound

Composer is the σDICOMStore print module for images and reports.

It enables the user to choose images from the archive, then modify parameters, manipulate and format (manually or automatically), as well as write the report and save to memory.

The layout can be personalised just as is it possible to print only the report, or images, or both together even in reduced sizes or as thumbnails. 
There is a page-formatting tool for up to 4 sides with the possibility to insert up to 4 graphic images (eg logos) on the internal notes and a single print command for the external pages.

Soaviem PACSSoaviem PACS

    1. Window & Level
    2. Zoom
    3. Panning
    4. Mirror left/right UP/DOWN
    5. Rotate left/right
    6. Reset
    7. Select single image/all images
    8. Print report only, images only or images with report
    9. Save toner function
    10. Autocompose print layout also with fixed format
    1. Print images only
    2. Print images and report
    3. Print site graphics & logo on external side, images&report on internal side through three different saved profiles
    4. Save internal report on DB
    5. Up to twenty  images per sheet
    6. Pdf export
    7. Automatic import of report from external ris/his or any wordprocessor through virtual printer server
    8. Drag & drop from preview or with right mouse click


Soaviem PACS

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A1 Autoroute

Automatic route to local or remote DICOM nodes

Soaviem PACS

Autorouting Manager used  to send received studies automatically to one or more pre-assigned local/remote DICOM nodes using pre-configured filters with multiple protocols.

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A New Way to Handle Images

σDicomPaper  is a DICOM Print SCP server driven directly from a single or multiple modalities.
It enables users to print images on alternative media such as paper, film or transparency using standard printers. σDicomPaper  can print in the DICOM standard, Windows Print or Postscript.

σDicomPaper manages multiple look-up tables (LUT) for every printer and DICOM modality.
Because it stores a library of calibration reference images it can even handle monochrome or colour calibration test images via linear or dotted lines for a quick and reliable quality check.

Soaviem PACS

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Rapid Scanning and Transfer of DICOM Archive Images

σDicomSend  enables the scanning of archives or CD/DVD’s that contain DICOM files, even if compressed, and sends the images to other servers or DICOM nodes in uncompressed format

Soaviem PACS

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