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Foreseeson FS-L1901D
Foreseeson FS-L1901D 19-inch surgical display
Foreseeson FS-L2401D
Foreseeson FS-L2401D 24-inch surgical display
Foreseeson FS-L2601D
Foreseeson FS-L2601D 26-inch surgical display

Surgery and Endoscopy Displays

Danum International offers a range of displays specially designed for use in endoscopy and surgical procedures manufactured by Foreseeson Custom Displays Inc.

Foreseeson Custom Displays Inc. specializes in the development and production of custom LCD display products. One environment that relies greatly on our innovative, HD monitors is the medical operating room. For years, Foreseeson have been satisfying this need by listening to the professionals who use their products in the health care industry.

The Size You Need

Although space is limited in an OR, quality can not be compromised. From the 19” on up to the 55” medical monitor, Foreseeson offers the same functionality and reliability. All major inputs (DVI, VGA, Component, Composite, S-video, SOG, HDSDI and fiber) are available.

Connection Compatibility

Foreseeson monitors are equipped with numerous HD and SD inputs to ensure compatibility with medical imaging equipment. The standard product comes with the following connectivity solutions: DVI, VGA, USB, GPIO, Serial, RS232C, SDI, SVideo, and C-Video.

See the Foreseeson brochure for more information.

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