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VIDAR Diagnostic Pro
VIDAR Diagnostic Pro
VIDAR Diagnostic Pro has achieved the best overall reliability, image quality, consistency and overall productivity of any digitizer on the market

VIDAR DiagnosticPRO Advantage

VIDAR's DiagnosticPRO Advantage film digitizer has achieved the highest reliability, image quality, consistency, and best overall productivity of any digitizer on the market.

In addition to typical PACS applications, the DiagnosticPRO Advantage offers flexibility: it can be used in facilities which will now or in the future support digitization of mammography priors. If you have a file room supporting PACS and low-volume mammography applications, the 44 micron spot size and 4.0 OD DiagnosticPRO Advantage will be key in the digital transition.

With a MTBF of more than 50,000 hours, excellent image quality, exceptional consistency, and increased speed, the DiagnosticPRO Advantage provides customers with increased "up-time," resulting in improved productivity and revenues. In addition to a higher level of image quality and more consistency, the DiagnosticPRO Advantage has been designed for increased speed. It digitizes films two times faster than previous models and will digitize up to 25 mixed-sized films in batch mode, increasing productivity and improving efficiency — key benefits for radiology department personnel.


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Customer Benefits

  • MTBF > 50,000 hours
  • Digitizer calibrates before every film digitized
  • Increased "up-time" resulting in improved productivity and revenues
  • High resolution capabilities (44 microns)

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